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IBINGO – Snow Flake Ice Machine

Key Features : Easy to install, only by electric outlet (air-cooled) / Easy operation and long time continuous use / Desk Top type and optimized in a narrow space

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“Desktop style, ultra mini air cooled snow flake ice machine!!”
– Easy installation. No water supplying pipe connection. No water drain pipe installation.
– Installation fee NO! Water cost NONO~!!
– You can make and sell snow flake ice anywhere there is needs

“Make Snowflakes within 6 seconds!!”
– The fastest snow making speed!!
– Any kind of beverages such as Milk, Juice, Wine, etc. can be transformed into healthy & delicious snow flake.

“Stable snow production with non-stop for a long time.”
– Maximize cooling efficiency by 1.2 horsepower compressor(Made in Spain) (For example) 5 hours non-stop operation under above 30℃ room temperature.

“High quality snow flake with minimized moisture!!”
– It has powerful cooling effect. It is making soft and dry snow. It doesn’t melt easily.

“Drum speed control like you are turning the dial on the radio!!”
– It will be very helpful for you to develop various bingsu recipe.
– New record of drum rotation speed by super-strong BLDC variable motor. Up to 31 rotations per minute!!

“Machine operation, Stop and Reoperation can be done immediately without waiting time.”
– Start → Stop → (Instant) Restart → Stop
– Rapid snowflake production is directly related to your sales amount.